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Professional Wedding DJ's / MC's

We pride ourselves as professional "Wedding DJ's" who personalize the experience that you & your guests will receive so it is definitive of you and your fiance. No over the top overbearing antics or comments just providing a steady flow of good fitting music in each part of the reception as well as announcements & engaging your family & guests in a respectful, inviting, comfortable & professional manner.

We believe that a great DJ is always reading the crowd and communicating with them through the mix - we think carefully about the time, the place, and the people in front of us to choose the perfect song. We are however, going to make sure you and all of your guests are having the time of your lives, dancing the night away. Once the dance floor is full, we plan to keep it that way - all night.

We always provoide full DJ/MC, sound, and lighting packages. 

With hundreds of Weddings covered without flaw we can handle any crowd and control any situation whether its an intimate gathering of your closest family & friends or a huge bash, we can handle anything!

We always provide a very custom experience for all of our clients as no 2 Couples or Weddings are the same.

Some of the Basic things that go without saying but should be specified.

We will customize all your announcements as you specify & okay, like Introductions, First Dances, Parents Dances, Speeches, Toasts, Blessings, Cake Cutting & Everything Else that will take place or must be addressed.

We Provide state of the art Sound systems/Speaker set ups & Wireless Mic's.

We always have every type of back up equipment with us at every event.

We set up hours before or as permitted at your reception or ceremony, which is not part of your time.

We do not charge travel, set up or any other type of hidden fees.